Little Alchemist Hack

Hey! It’s awesome that you found our site. Here you can find our online hack tool, with which you can add unlimited coins and gems in the Little Alchemist game for iOS and soon for Android. The best part about our Little Alchemist Hack is that you don’t need to download any hack, it is all based online. This means you also don’t have to connect your device to your PC. All you have to do is enter your AppStore Email / Google Play Email, choose the amount of coins and gems and the hack will do the rest!


Our developer team had a lot of work to do for this awesome tool. Especially the online system involved long hours of coding, but it was worth it. Instead of having to download a annoying software and connecting your iOS device to your PC you just need to enter your AppStore Email now to start the hack. Of course you need to select the amount of Coins and Gems, too.

Our Little Alchemist Cheats are especially great because you don’t have to buy expensive gems or coins from the store.

Now a little bit about the game in general: You have gold, silver and bronze cards. A rarer card (gold is rarest) is usually better than a normal one. But this is not always true because there are also Finale, Combination and Basic cards which are used in battle. It is important to research combinations when you want to win in the game.

At first you pick two cards, they can either combine or can’t, but the game will inform you and you have to pick another card. You will get a message that says that the combination will take from one hour to a day to finish (Rarer cards take longer to finish). With our Little Alchemist Hack you can speed up the times it takes to finish, that is one of the reasons why we developed it.  Without our hack you can max 3 research slots (or without paying)!

The adventure mode: At first you pick an area, and then you choose a boss to fight. Each boss has three difficulties. When you are in the battle mode, you have three cards. Basic cards take all your orb power.

When you head to our online hack, make sure to check the proxy option as this will prevent you getting banned from the game. Enjoy!